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Access Sentier Cathare

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At the edge of the hamlet, take the path to the left just before the small bridge. (1) When you get to a vineyard, walk alongside it to its left for some 50 m before taking a small path to the left for about 30 m, going uphill quite steeply. Turn left again on a small path on the hillside which will take you (2) to the Château.
The vineyards you’ll be crossing were planted where the Ségure coal basin used to be. 300 million years ago, in the Carboniferous era, the Petrified Forest sprang forth, which, much later, allowed for the exploitation of coal. In 1678, Vauban will make use of this coal when building his fortified structures in the Roussillon.
You’ll reach the château. To continue on your loop hike, follow the track suitable for motor vehicles to the left of the car park, then, some 20 metres onward, turn left on a small path which will lead you to another path at the foot of the renovated (3) “Chauvette” farm. Turn left and continue towards Notre-Dame-de-Faste.
To continue your descent into the valley, take the path heading out eastward, to the right of the church choir (portal side). It’s a steep descent (4) before you reach the ‘Faste’ stream.
Cross the stream which is dry most of the time and continue on its right bank, then stride over it again. Be sure to ignore another path taking off on your right hand side.
You’ll reach a path you’ll take turning right then, immediately after, left (5), crossing vineyards and reaching the departmental road again.
Turn left and continue walking towards your point of departure, some 150 m further on.

N° d'urgence depuis un portable : 112

PRECONISATIONS : Aller sur le document “prévention des risques météo”, cette carte est mise à jour quotidiennement et indique le risque météorologique d’incendies de forêts et les Mesures de Prudence.
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