Itineray type : Foot

Season : Autumn


Description :

Magnificent views on the Minervois plain, the Montagne Noire and, on a clear day, the Pyrenees mountain range.

Descriptif détaillé :

Main attractions on this loop hike: the old medieval village – ‘La Bade’ and its viewpoints – The Romanesque Sainte-Cécile chapel – The dry-stone constructions.
(1) Take the avenue de Lézignan, then turn right, just before Town Hall, on a path which once used to be the road from Tourouzelle to Narbonne.
Follow this till you reach a crossroads (water tank).
(2) Turn right on the tarred path going into the pine wood (MTB markers). At the fork in the road, keep left. At the next fork, go down left between the pines and the garrigue. 100 m further down, walk on between two low walls.
At the end of this track, a roundtrip to the right enables you to go and see the warren at the boundaries of the olive tree plantation.
Continue till you reach a rough track. Follow this to the right. Walk past a boar pond and go on between two dry-stone walls in a vineyard area.
At the corner of a cottage, a roundtrip to the right leads to an ensemble of dry-stone constructions.
Walk across a grassy terraced section, above a dry-stone canalization.
Continue heading west. The path leaves the vineyard area and, to its right, goes round the remains of a sheepfold. Walk across an area between dry-stone walls and vineyards (capitelle and clapas, probably the boundaries of a plot), keep going up till you reach the low col.
(3) Variant (6 km hike): possibility to return to the village by going up to the right in the pine wood and meeting up with the outward track.
Go down the track below till you reach the D 65. Take this to the left. After 400 m, turn right on a narrow track which, after fording a stream, becomes a smaller path and goes round a pine wood.
(4) When you reach “l’Horte”, turn left and continue for about 100 m. When the road forks, turn right.
(5) 500 m further on, turn right and continue through an area of garrigue and Aleppo pines. Walk underneath the overhead power line, reach a small road and follow it towards the Sainte-Cécile chapel. (Annual place of pilgrimage. The hermitage and its surroundings are a protected site.)
(6) Go to the D527 and follow it to the right for about 500 m.
Leave the road when you reach a pylon, take a track to the right between the vineyards and go under the power line again. To your left, take a path lined with dry-stone walls. Follow a track to your left.
In the village, walk up the stairs at the foot of the church. After the rue des Templiers, turn right and walk down the rue de l’Eglise. Turn left towards the point of departure.

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PRECONISATIONS : Aller sur le document “prévention des risques météo”, cette carte est mise à jour quotidiennement et indique le risque météorologique d’incendies de forêts et les Mesures de Prudence.
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