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Itineray type : Foot

Theme : Cultural

Season : Autumn

Labels : Vignobles et Découvertes

Description :

This hiking path has been lovingly landscaped and is well looked after by “les amis de Francis Lastenouse” (The friends of Francis Lastenouse), a group of friends united around a discovery hike with a few surprises for the hiker. Some of the assets of this worthwhile loop hike: garrigue and red soil, panoramic views with a viewpoint indicator, some passages nearby a rocky shelter.

Descriptif détaillé :

Walk between the stele and the upright rock, and before the footbridge, (1) turn left on a path disappearing into the pine wood.
This path is shaped on screes along the hillside, between pine wood and scented garrigue.
All along the hike, amongst other things, you’ll be able to discover some lime kilns (15 min roundtrip), a capitelle and a well.
At the well, (2) a roundtrip leads you to the viewpoint indicator. Enjoy the wonderful view on the village. Then the path continues alongside the Jasse sheepfold.
If you take the hike in winter, you’ll hear the sound of a waterfall reproduced in small basins, fed by a spring caught a few hundred metres higher up.
(3) You’ll then follow the path gently going uphill to a sandstone plateau alongside the Roumanissa stream. Next, go uphill amidst the Aleppo pine trees.
Cross the plateau heading south. You’ll enjoy a magnificent panoramic view as well as the wild untamed landscape.
Cross a forest track and get ready to walk down into the Combe de Caunes-Hautes (4), holding on to a rail with one hand.
“Caunes” means cave in Occitan. You’ll be able to admire one underneath the first ledge.
You are in a spot sheltered from the northern wind where you’ll notice a different kind of flora, very rich and diverse, the beauty of which is magnificently brought out by the botanical path, as well as the fauna which takes refuge here. Walk on along the Caunes stream (here you can, if you wish to, add an extra part to the hike by turning left and continuing to the Roche Trouée, check the description of the itinerary in question) and return to the point of departure.

N° d'urgence depuis un portable : 112

PRECONISATIONS : Aller sur le document “prévention des risques météo”, cette carte est mise à jour quotidiennement et indique le risque météorologique d’incendies de forêts et les Mesures de Prudence.
Suivre le lien : www.aude.gouv.fr/carte-des-previsions-du-niveau-d-risque-feu-de-a9152.html

Ne fumez pas, en aucun cas n'allumez de feu. Respectons notre patrimoine naturel. Ne laissez pas de détritus derrière vous.

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