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With the jangling sound of the sheep bells in your ears, this little jaunt (“Petite vadrouille”) will take you along some old paths lined with box trees of several hundred years old and is dominated by the presence of a mountain, the Milobre de Bouisse.

Descriptif détaillé :

Cairn (1) Head towards the village and after having passed a wayside cross, immediately turn right on the old path which is still lined with box trees dating back to the era of the Celts.
Cairn (2) You’ll pass in front of the remains of an old sheep barn. This was built in the 19th century and served as a temporary abode for man and sheep alike. A little further on you’ll come to a meadow. Turn left and, passing through some pastures, you’ll arrive at the ridge. Up ahead arises the Milobre de Bouisse (878 m).
Cairn (3) View on the Massif of Mouthoumet, the valley of the Orbieu and the Pic de Berlès, towering over the village of Salza.
Cairn (4) Farm land is present in two different types here: the open fields, the ‘sialas’ (the poorer land) and the fenced-in fields, separated by hedges made up of hazelnut and prune trees or hawthorn.
Cairn (5) The village of Bouisse and its houses facing east, built on rocky outcrops.
Cairn (6) The town square. Walk around the church and cross a former “ferratjal” (quality land which was reserved for cultivating). Go towards the edge of the village and follow the road until you reach cairn 7.
Cairn (7) A stream which springs higher up in the schists, disappears from view only to reappear a little further on, on the territory of Montjoi.
Cairn (8) A huge field within the boundary of the village, called “l’Horte”, used to be the personal kitchen garden of the seigneur of Bouisse. Close to the old washtub, the fountain is situated which was used for the hygiene of the inhabitants and the animals.

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PRECONISATIONS : Aller sur le document “prévention des risques météo”, cette carte est mise à jour quotidiennement et indique le risque météorologique d’incendies de forêts et les Mesures de Prudence.
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