Itineray type : Mountain bike


Description :

Paths, tracks and small roads allow you to discover the beauty of these villages mainly situated on the banks of the Aude river or the Canal du Midi.

Descriptif détaillé :

Leave Homps by the rue des Chevaliers, the place Jean Moulin, the rue de la République and the rue des Moulins. (1) When you get to the D610, take the chemin du Moulin straight ahead and continue towards the D611, (2) cross the bridge over the river Aude and turn right on the route de Tourouzelle (D65). 100 m past the fork in the road (3), turn right after the Tuilerie estate. The track follows the river Aude. The scenery is made up of vineyards, pine tree copses, downy oaks, olive trees. At times, the soil is red, which indicates the presence of clay. On approaching Tourouzelle, the outcrops of limestone become more abundant. (4) You’ll reach Tourouzelle by the rue des Moulins.
Take the avenue de Castelnau going up towards the village, then the avenue de Lézignan and finally the small tarred road to the right going up towards the pine wood of ‘la Bade’ (same itinerary as pedestrian hike). On several occasions, you’ll get a nice panoramic view over the plain and the surrounding villages during the climb towards ‘la Bade’. (5) When you get to the col (water tank), take the path to your right and ride through the pine wood. You’ll get back to the D65 where a wayside cross is situated. (6) Turn left on the road and continue for about 300 m, then (7) turn right on the small road (same itinerary as pedestrian hike) which becomes a trail when you get near a holm oak copse. Be sure to turn right on a small rocky path which broadens going downhill towards l’Horte. (8) Continue to the left on a small tarred road heading straight towards ‘le Paradis’. You’ll then abandon the pedestrian hike to your right and continue straight ahead (1,25 km since l’Horte). The track meets the D527. The Gaudière power station is straight ahead of you here. (9) Take the D527 to the right for about 500 m then (10) turn left on a small tarred road. You’ll ride around the massive power station.
You’ll arrive at a 4-way crossroads, continue straight ahead. The road will soon follow the river Aude.
(11) Turn left on a straight vineyard track which will allow you to avoid riding on the road for a while. Getting back to the road, turn left and, 120 m beyond the bridge, turn left again. Ride uphill towards Castelnau. Turn right just after the first houses of the housing estate, uphill towards the rue Derrière la Ville. Ride downhill on the Calado de Périlhou towards the Carrefour Occitan and continue straight ahead towards the stadium, then the cemetery and, shortly after, (12) turn left. This road goes uphill towards the Bosquet pine wood. Once you get to the top of your climb, the road becomes a track and you’ll continue straight ahead on a path overlooking a vineyard, at first crossing a ravine then a stony track. (13) At the crossroads, turn left. The road is still stony. On your right, you’ll see the Montbrun wind turbines. At the top of a climb, you’ll get back on a tarred part and you’ll reach Escales by the rue du Laouza. Take the avenue Bernard de Scalis to the left, ride past the town hall and the church and continue on the route de Tourouzelle which you’ll quit soon afterwards to find the route de (14) Sérame.
This small track which is lined with plane-trees continues straight ahead and allows you to catch a glimpse of the “better-off” wine estates: Borde Neuve, La Bastide and St-François up ahead in the distance. (15) 1,5 km after the ‘La Bastide’ estate, turn left on a small track going up towards ‘la Bade’. The plain is scattered with several vineyard “Cabanots” (stone cottages). 2 km further on, you’ll get back to the D65. Turn right and, at the wayside cross, get back on the outward part of the ride towards ‘la Bade’, Tourouzelle and Homps.

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PRECONISATIONS : Aller sur le document “prévention des risques météo”, cette carte est mise à jour quotidiennement et indique le risque météorologique d’incendies de forêts et les Mesures de Prudence.
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