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Walking along a canal pound in the shade of a forest; overlooking the spectacular gorges of Coynepont (Caune Pont); discovering the garrigue at the top of Nitable Roc (600 m); visiting the village and not resisting the call of the ancient stones of the Château de Termes. These are some of the joys this hike will provide you with.
If interested in combining this hike with a visit to the Château (admission fee): from 10am onward, before beginning your hike, at the reception desk of the castle, you can pick up an illustrated brochure about the history and the architecture of the site (plan included).
This will save you having to go down to the reception desk again at the end of your hike before walking uphill towards the castle.

Descriptif détaillé :

Walk down to the village of Termes, cross the footbridge over the Sou, follow the GR 36 landmarks on the black information board, walk along the wall of the Town Hall. Turn left then right between the gardens. Reach the canal and follow it to the left till you reach the Sou stream.
At the water point (1), turn right and walk uphill. After a flat section, walk downhill towards the bank for about 150 m, then up again to avoid a bend in the stream. Walk back to the bank and continue till you reach the Nougairole brook which flows into the Sou where the stream is fordable.
Follow the brook for about 30 m (2), turning your back to the stream, ignoring the different side paths. Walk uphill to the left and cross a track. Continue climbing till you reach a flat section (view on the mouth of the gorges of Caune Pont). Continue climbing on the steep slope to finally reach the ridge towering over the gorges (! This area can be very windy. Be very careful at the sheer cliffs. Wide panoramic view.) Cross the natural bridge of the Caune (cave), then walk up again towards the cliffs of the Nitable. Walk along the foot of the mountain by the left hand side, through the forest and the scree till you reach the open ridge.
Follow (3) the path to the right. Cross the plateau, ignoring several paths to the left. Cross the col and continue in the same direction till you reach a crossroads of paths, at the edge of a forest, at the end of the plateau.
Turn (4) right. Walk down on a track with hairpin bends, first to the left, then to the right. Walk alongside the valley of the Caulière.
Going down into the forest (5), leave the GR 36 b (! Heed the yellow markers) and follow the fence of the Serre-Lairière sheep farm which leads to a track.
Take this track (6) to the left (view on the “Fenne Prenz” rock, ‘the pregnant woman’) till you come to the foot of the hill on which the remains of the Château de Termes are situated. If you would like to visit the castle but did not yet buy your admission ticket, a film and historical exhibition as well as a brochure related to the visit are there for you to enjoy in the reception building situated on the track (7) you’ll take to walk down to the village.

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