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Itineray type : Pedestrian

Theme : Cultural

Seasons : Spring, Autumn

Labels : Vignobles et Découvertes

Description :

Once upon a time there was ... the postman’s round ... You are invited to follow the different interpretative signs allowing you to enjoy this superb hike to the fullest. On this loop hike, follow the markers and signs from one sharecropping farm to another; enjoy a short break at the cabane de Loulou, take in the calm of the Notre-Dame-de-l’Ere chapel; appreciate the view from where the windmills are situated. Also, don’t miss the “lavoir à pétales” basin in Talairan village.

Descriptif détaillé :

This is my round and I hereby invite you to join me!
“Follow me, I am Talairan’s postman. For so many years, come rain or come shine, I have walked this path to deliver the mail to those living in the isolated farms in the countryside surrounding Talairan.”

You may choose between three loop hikes:
A 5 hour walk, or an entire day if you take it easy, you’ll have taken the longest loop which is about 17,5 km long.
A 4 hour walk, covering 14,5 km which will allow you to discover the Olivières section.
A 3 hour walk, covering 10,5 km, which will take you to the remains of the medieval tower of Tréviac.
All along this itinerary you’ll be guided on by interpretative signs where Lapinet, Emile and Emilie, Narcisse Péchar and Papillon will be waiting for you.

Discover everyday life in the village of Talairan as it used to be back in the days when the postman walked across the countryside.

(1) After the first bridge (400 m outside the village), take the small road to the right. Cross the vineyard section also containing several plots of grassland. Continue for about 1,750 km on this small track and after a hairpin bend, turn left on the path going into the garrigue boarded by some pine trees. You’ll walk past the remains of a sheep farm called “Borio de Yo” (2). You’ll cross a section containing garrigue and gullies, in river beds which are often dry. This section which is made up of a succession of plateaux (! heed the markers !) which lead us to the St-Eugène sharecropping farm. Pass the house on the left hand side and continue on the tarred road. Turn right heading towards Tréviac-Haut (also called Boutes), another former sharecropping farm, (3) walk round the farm and go downhill towards Tréviac-Bas, a sharecropping farm that is still used as a winegrowing estate.

At Tréviac-Bas (4) you’ll see the remains of a medieval tower and you’ll also have the option of returning to the village (variant path 1 : 3,5 km).

To continue the long loop hike, walk past the transformer on a track boarded by almond trees.
Walk around a vineyard on two sides and turn left on a path leading into the garrigue (! heed the markers !). Pay close attention crossing this gullied section seeing as you’ll change direction quite often. Ford the stream in a rocky section. Succession of gullies and ravines. You’ll reach an escarpment. Soon, the path will go on next to a vineyard (5). Go down towards Olivières (a renovated and occupied sheep farm). Cross the car park, walk uphill on a path straight ahead.
Leave the track and walk alongside a vineyard to your right followed by an almond tree orchard (6), then walk downhill on a path boarded by strawberry trees and box trees till you reach the Tuilerie track. (When you arrive at this track, you have the possibility to return to the village by variant path 2 : 4,5 km).

Turn right, go down into the Fourques gully, ford the stream and walk up again on a path, quite steep at first (! heed the markers !). Gullied section. Walk alongside a vineyard (7) to its right, then alongside a cypress tree hedge on two sides. Take a path going downhill towards Come de Bête (sharecropping farm).

Continue uphill towards a vineyard plateau and towards the “Traverses”, where you’ll have a nice view on the Corbières peaks (8).

Go downhill towards the “Cabanes” (remains of sheep farms). You’ll reach the Razès sharecropping farm once you’ve crossed the D 323.

Behind the farm, you’ll enter a vineyard section and you’ll take a path leading into the garrigue which eventually gives way to another vineyard. Walk towards a remarkable holm oak tree, go round it and continue straight ahead till you reach the former Loulou sheepfold (9).

Get back on the track leading to the Cantéric sharecropping farm (10), walk around the pine copse and, by way of a hollowed path and a couple of vineyards you’ll take a partially tarred track. Cross the Fourques ravine and get back on the narrow path of Notre-Dame-de-l’Ere where the stream is fordable.
Turn left towards the village for about 200 m then turn right alongside a vineyard followed by a holm oak plantation. You’ll cross a section of mowed lawns, once pastures.
Return to the village by the chemin des Moulins à Vent (11), where the bodies of two mills can still be seen, on the left hand side.

Return to the village, variant path 1 (3,5 km)

From Tréviac-Bas, take the tarred path for about 500 m then (1a) turn right on a track boarded by holm oak trees. Walk past the Cendrine sheep farm and down till you reach the stream. Ford it and continue straight ahead on the path crossing some plots of fallow land, ford the stream again and continue on a quality track you’ll leave after about 300 m (1b) to take a path to the right, cemented at first.
(1c) Junction with variant path 2. Return to the village on the path amidst the gardens.

Return to the village, variant path 2 (4,5 km)

Take the path of the Fourques ravine to the left. (2a) 1 km further up, this path meets up with the tarred road. Continue straight ahead. 500 m further up the road, (2b) take a narrow path to the right which will cross the road somewhat higher up and which allows you to avoid an important bend.

You’ll walk between the remains of two sheep farms, one of which is called Escabots.

On the Amandes plateau, you’ll walk past a small hangar to the left and (2c) meet up with a path to the left going down from the plateau to a vineyard section. When you reach a cabin, continue on the track. 500 m further up, you’ll reach the junction with variant path 1 and return to the village on the path amidst the gardens.

This hike is illustrated with different interpretative signs. The themes are: the postal services, small game, everyday life in the past, the Tréviac hamlet, the garrigue, fruit farming, big game, pastoral life, draught horses, wine growing and wind mills. All these themes tell us more about different aspects of the history of the village through its inhabitants’ daily activities.

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