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Itineray type : Pedestrian

Seasons : Spring, Autumn

Description :

Information board indicating the loops in front of the Mairie (town hall).

Descriptif détaillé :

Head south, through the rue d’En Jacou, the rue de las Ieras, the rural chemin de l’Arcade, (1) walk past the cemetery and start going uphill towards the Faïsses: this is a term used for “terraces” in Occitan. You’ll see that the vineyards are indeed terraced, protected by dry-stone walls and lined with almond trees.
At the first crossroads (2 roads, 1 path), leave the tarred road and take the leftmost path, going along the edge of a vineyard: it’ll meet up with the road 200 m further up.
At ‘la Peyrière’, when you reach a hedge made of cypress trees on the left side of the road, take (2) the vineyard path to the left. This path will soon go into the woods made up of pine trees, Kermes oaks and junipers in the direction of ‘la Maurelle’.
A chain blocks the access to an estate. Leave the track and (3) turn left on a path lined with box trees, moss and low walls.
After having crossed the section with the junction of the Maurelle et d’en Jacou streams, get back to a track: take this right going uphill then, at the intersection with another track, turn right till you reach the rural chemin de l’Arcade and take this right yet again.
Leave the track, start climbing the landscaped hillside to the left (4) and continue on a small path which goes up on the slopes of the Pech Musié. A botanical path garnishes the itinerary twisting and turning on the ridge, offering some magnificent panoramic views.
You’ll reach (5) 2 information boards. The first possibility is to go down and visit ‘la Roca Dansaïra’ (The Dancing Rock), that odd rock you’ll notice up in the distance when you’re strolling along the Nielle stream: a roundtrip of 500 m. A ravine bearing the same name stretches out deep below. The second option is to continue the hike towards the top of the Pech, where a viewpoint indicator takes up most of the space.
You’ll enjoy a clear view over the villages of Saint-Laurent and Fabrezan (north), the Caroux massif, the watchtower of Boutenac, the hamlet of Villerouge-la-Crémade (east), the Mont Saint-Victor (south-east), the Mont Tauch, the Canigou, the Pyrenees mountain range, Madres and Saint-Barthélémy (south) and the Alaric, the Pic de Nore on the Montagne Noire as well as the nearby village of Tournissan (west).
Go down by a path heading north: you’ll enjoy the descent on a giant stairway (137 wooden steps landscaped into the hillside). When you reach the flat section, turn right. At the sign, (6) continue on the flat track for about 700 m. You’ll meet up with the rural chemin de l’Arcade. Take this to the left towards ‘la Peyrière’.
600 m further up, you’ll get back on the outward track.
Walk down towards the village.

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PRECONISATIONS : Aller sur le document “prévention des risques météo”, cette carte est mise à jour quotidiennement et indique le risque météorologique d’incendies de forêts et les Mesures de Prudence.
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