Paul Albarèl (Saint-André-de-Roquelongue 1873 - Montpellier 1929)

As a doctor, he founded the Cigala narbonesa. Became a Majoral of the Félibrige in 1918. Prolific author and popular playwright, he left an indelible mark on the cultural life of Narbonne. His most well-know play: Viva lo vin!
He used different pseudonyms to sign his works: Joan de la Ròca, Balin Balan, Joan de la Pineda, Ravaillant, lo Bascalaire, lo Piuletaire and many others.

Lo rasim
Dins son còs, la soca ramuda
Sentís córrer lo sang d’agost ;
Lo rasim se confla de most
E sa rauba d’estiu se muda.
Rossèla, la blanqueta ritz,
Lo picapol met gaunha fresca,
Lo muscat se vestís de bresa,
La carinhana s’ennegrís.
- Paul Albarel -

The grape : In its thick body, the stock / Can sense the August blood flow / The must makes the grape swell / And the summer robe is shed / The blanquette, blonde, laughs out loud / The piquepoul brings freshness to the cheeks / The muscat puts on a smouldering dress / The carignan blackens.