Mans de Breish (Carcassonne 1949)

One of the poets responsible for the birth of the modern Occitan chanson, sings his own lyrics but also those of other Occitan poets (Joan Bodon, Ives Roqueta). With his collection of poems Cantarèla, he becomes a full-fledged poet.

Corbièra,Pèiras grafinhadas
De cèl. Las nívols bomianas,
Ventre confle de païses,
Semenan de nòtas
Sul camin poscós
Per un cant nolent
De totas las èrbas

Corbières / Rocks carved out / In the sky / Traveling clouds / Belly nurtured by countries / Scattering notes / On the dusty roads / For a song fragrant / With all the enchanting spices.