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The Kings

Charlemagne’s heroic deeds, whether real or legendary, are reflected in the names of various places or led to the construction of chapels: “During an uncertain battle against the Saracens, Count Olivier said: ‘Wherever my sword falls, a chapel shall arise’, making the solemn promise an oratory would be built for the Virgin Mary if he were to be victorious. The next day, he scattered the enemy troops and the chapel of Notre-Dame de l’Olive was built. He had an olive branch put in the Virgin’s hand in memory of his name and the peace that was secured.”

You could go treasure-hunting: the treasure of Alaric (lien page magazine Terre de Nature Panoramas), King of the Visigoths, lies hidden somewhere on the slopes of the mountain or near Duilhac-sous-Peyrepertuse where the cup of the Queen is to be found: “In 1367, Enric de Transtamare lost a battle against his natural brother, Pedro the Cruel, King of Castile. He fled with his family. When they arrived at Peyrepertuse , his wife Blanche stopped for a moment to drink water from a source. She dropped her silver cup which has never been found. Perhaps it is still there?”