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The gorges of Congoust

The meandering course of the Mattes stream follows a spectacular narrow path between the Alaric and Coque mountains: the Gorges du Congoust (so named by the Romans, co-angustum = narrow passage). The landscape displays contrasting forms of vegetation: highly arid on the south slope of the Alaric, a lot woodier on the Coque slope which is covered in holm oak copses. The stream’s course, flanked by limestone cliffs and masses of fallen rocks, is animated with cascades and potholes, punctuating the water flow. The GR36 crosses the gorges of Congoust. In one direction, it allows you to join up with Lagrasse via Ribaute and in the other direction, you can go to Montlaur, by way of the remains of Saint Michel de Nahuze.