The gorges of the Cesse river

The Cesse valley and the Causses (limestone plateaux) are part of the remarkable scenery of the Minervois region. The limestone plateau and the gorges here have been sculpted by the water, creating the typical karstic relief made up of caves, faults and joints through which the water seeps beneath the surface where it continues its flow. As soon as the summer weather is upon the region, the Cesse river ceases all its surface activity! The natural bridges of Minerve (lien sur le site OTI Le Minervois are truly emblematic and magnificent monuments in the local scenery.

Los fums se lèvan sus ton ròc.
Cèsse e Brian, coma dos braces, te potonejan
sus tas gautas, mentre qu’un cèl de gorpatasses
s’estira luènh cap al colcant.
E dins las rufas de tos rancs se veson ja
los pelses blancs d’unis amants d’una eretgia,
qu’encara espian per las vinhas,
en esperant un novèl cant.
- Miquèl Decòr

Minerve The mists clear on your rock. The Cesse and the Brian kiss your cheeks, while a sky, painted black by its crows, stretches out in the distance, to where the sun sets. And in the wrinkles of your cliffs, one can guess the presence of the grey hairs of heretic lovers who, looking out amongst the vineyards, still hope for the bright spell of a new chant.