The animals

People have learned to chase wolves away, like the musician who went up to Albas to play the violin. When he came downhill towards the sea, he could feel there was a wolf pursuing him. He then threw away the biscuits he received as a fee to soothe the animal … until he threw away his last crumb… Thinking he was lost, he struck a chord on his violin and the plaintive sound scared the wolf away.
The donkey has played a very important part in the planting of vineyards:

L’ase qu’inventèt la poda
Mas ont èra passat l’ase Martin ? S’èra enfugit de l’estable. lo mèstre lo cerquèt, lo trapèt dins una vinha salvatja a la sortida de Tuissan. Aviá tot rosegat. Las brancas longas èran vengudas cortetas a l’entorn del soc. Lo mèstre te fotèt una repassada de còps de bròcs al paure Martin. Mas l’estiu vengut, unas bèlas gaspas apareissián sus las vises. A ! ongan, seriá pas una recòlta de rasims magrinèls. A temps de la vendémia, amassèt tot aquel rasim, lo faunhèt, gardèt lo chuc dins las tinas. Aquel chuc venguèt vin. E tot aquò mercé a Martin, l’ase de Tuissan qu’inventèt la poda !

The donkey Martin had escaped from his shed. His master found him in a wild vine near the edge of Tuchan where he was gnawing away at some shoots. The master then thrashed Martin. But the following summer, the stocks were bending under the weight of heaps of beautiful bunches of grapes. Martin had invented pruning!