Leon Còrdas (Siran 1913 - Montpellier 1987)

Còrdas is the most important writer of the Minervois region (lien page Magazine Terre de Nature site PTCM) in the 20th Century. He is the author of the play Menèrba 1210 which tells the tale of the Albigensian Crusade (lien page magazine Terre d’Histoire). His novel Sèt pans describes the mutation the agricultural world underwent under the influence of mechanization.
His poems are extremely evocative...

! Occitania...
Aviam lo solelh e la luna
al cap de las banas quilhats.
Aviam lo cotèl a la pòcha
e los quatre vents atelats,
aviam l’ensalada amarganta ;
saupre beure nos es donat
E cossí va d’aquesta tèrra
qu’ara nos manca jos los pès,
va que demorem d’òmes liures
de çai crebar sens eiretièrs ?
Avèm totjorn l’ensaladeta
mas pas de dents per machegar ;
aicí l’an de las tretze lunas,
podèm viure sens prestar.

O ! Occitania :
We had the sun and the moon high above the horns of our flocks.
We had our knives in our pockets and the four winds clung to us.
Our lettuce was bitter; to know how to drink is a gift to us.
And now we witness the earth disappearing under our footsteps: shall we, as men, remain free to die without leaving heirs?
We still have our lettuces, but we have no more teeth to chew; this is the year of the thirteen moons: walk on if you are looking for money to borrow.