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Saint Victor

Situated at a height of 420 m, the Saint-Victor hermitage overlooks the Corbières. Starting off in the village of Fontjoncouse, you will then follow the path which leads to Saint Victor.
After an altitude difference of some 200 m, you will discover the remains of the hermitage, partly destroyed by a thousand years of history and wind. At the end of the 12th Century, Friar Pierre Lerce of the Abbey of Fontfroide seceded and, together with a handful of brothers, moved to the site of the Pech Saint-Victor, previously occupied by the small ruined chapel. Seen from this belvedere, long limestone ridges crowned by the remains of castles stand out against a backdrop of garrigue. Vineyards constitute the flat parts in this mainly tormented relief where the rivers have dug out deep gorges and opened a passage to the lagoons. The salt marshes contrast with the curved lines of the coastline.
On the horizon, the Pyrenees are outlined against the blue sky of Catalonia and the Canigou massif which descends until it reaches the Mediterranean.