Covid-19 : les circonstances exceptionnelles entraînent des modifications dans l’organisation de nombreux services. Avant tout déplacement, contactez le commerce afin de vous assurer de son mode de fonctionnement (horaires, livraison, retrait de commande sur place…).

Prepare yourselves for a unique immersion !

If you rent a holiday accommodation, whether it be a gîte or a room, bear in mind that, during the summer season, the sun is there to tell you cal passar a l’ombra (you’ll need to stay in the shade) rather than se rostir la codena (get a severe sunburn). The weather is fine, the days are warm: this is not the right time to alandar las finèstras (have the windows wide open). It is environmentally more responsible to keep the temperature down without using the air-conditioning!

The Tautavel Man and his family used to walk this region thousands of years ago. Between picking fruit and working the land, going down in the mines and clearing the areas, from the fields over the meadows to the vineyards, the men and women who have lived in the Corbières and Minervois regions became part of the landscapes, helped shape them, built farms, houses, churches and castles. Don’t be too easily satisfied taking a few snapshots here and there or merely reading some information in a tourist guide: be prepared to slowly, gently, suavely and profoundly immerse yourselves in this land.

Dobrissètz grand los uèlhs, las aurelhas, totes vòstres sens, tastatz lo país, daissatz-vos encantar e embruèissar per Corbièras e Menerbés.