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The village fête / La fèsta al vilatge

The village fête, often linked to its local patron saint, used to be an ideal moment for relatives to get together but also for different villages to express the rivalry between them. The dances made it possible for the teenage girls and boys to meet and mingle. However, with rural life becoming less of a burden, added to that the professional exile and the remoteness it brought about reduced the importance of these encounters where bands travelled all across the region and had the locals dance to the tunes heard on the wireless. Over the years, the development of broadcasting techniques and the creation of nightclubs and dancehalls completely modified and diminished the social importance of these local fêtes.

Still, every village has its own events committee which keeps those moments alive when children’s activities, pétanque matches, fairground attractions, massive meals/taulejada, dances are there for everyone’s entertainment. The annual carnival used to be another major festive event. And even if it is still very much alive in Limoux and the Haute-Vallée de l’Aude, this is not the case in other parts of the region. The loss of this tradition means that an important form of self-parody has disappeared. But the festive mood can still be found, albeit in other types of events: when celebrating victories in sporting events, at the launch of the new wine vintage in Lézignan-Corbières in October, at other wine vintage celebrations, at the Total festum events (with regard to the Occitan language), etc.
There are many events for the enjoyment of all. We refer you to the pages Agenda on this website.

Es pas coma un còp èra, mas traparetz plan per dançar e vos amusar
It is not like it used to be, but there are many occasions for dancing and having fun