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La Bouisse

In Montséret, you should not hesitate one second before climbing up to the remains of the Château de la Bouisse by way of the hiking trail nicely called Sentier de Mabile (‘Mabile’s path’). And even if these ruins may not impress you, you should be aware of the fact that the castle was first mentioned in the 11th Century and that, through the centuries and the changes it underwent, it became an architectural ensemble stretching out over almost 1 ½ ha.
The panorama from the heights of the Roque Longue spur is well worth the half hour climb. The vestiges of the castle help draw the outlines of some beautiful paintings: the nearby hills of the Fontfroide massif to the east, the grated reliefs of the Corbières to the south, and the expanse which opens up on the Minervois plain and represents the limits of the northern Corbières to the west.