In winter, beautiful days are not uncommon, but sometimes it can be cold or rainy… Here are some suggestions for activities or visits to get out despite the gloomy weather.

Visit a museum or site

If you are looking for a sheltered activity, visit a museum or site is one of the first things you think about. For instance, the castle of Villerouge-Termenès, Lagrasse Abbey ou the Heritage House.

Good to know: on the page sites to visit, you can select sites sheltered from bad weather en ticking in the search engine shelter from the rain" page (in French).

Abbaye Lagrasse partie publique
The abbey of Lagrasse public part

Weather-protected activities

Other activities allow you to stay safe. For example, playing detective by carrying out the investigation proposed by the escape game of the Château de Luc, or discover the world of bees and beekeeping by visiting the Clauses honey farm.

The sheltered activities

Discover local products is also an excellent option that will also allow you to bring back some souvenirs and garnish your table. For example, visit the Cyril Codina vinegar factory and taste his original creations, or make a wine tasting in a domain, a cellar or House of Wines of Minervois in Homps on the banks of the Canal du Midi.

Art galleries and artists' studios

The Art Galeries are also places that lend themselves ideally to visiting when the weather is gloomy. Do not hesitate to push the door of galleries and artist studios.

Rest assured, bad weather never lasts here and the sun will soon be back for all outdoor activities!


by April

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