The land Corbières and Minervois are generous the scrubland offer a wonderful playground for goats and sheep, not to mention the hardworking bees who delight in the nectars of the mediterranean flowers. In the Hautes-Corbières, there is an alpine landscape populated by peaceful herds. It is therefore a terroir of great diversity which offers the best of itself to curious and greedy visitors.

Honey and cheese, the winning duo

Now Clauses Honey Farm, all the secrets of bees will be revealed to you during an educational, fun and tasty visit. This garrigue honey can be accompanied by fresh goat or sheep cheese. Come to our local to watch them work, to talk to you lovingly about their animals and their products and to do some tasty shopping.

The list of local producers

The king olive tree

Wherever the vine grows, theolive heels behind. Like her, it has its flagship varieties: lucques, olivière… and its rare varieties such as the Montpellier violet. Learn about olive growing at Windmill of the Restanque in Roubia, family estate where we can tell you about the soul of this thousand-year-old fruit, sung by Leon Còrdas.

Olius al vent, cantar de l'ama, anar del temps. Felhum argent que al jorn ardent plega sa rama, frut ametlenc patz e live per year that fri. Olius al vent, fate of ama, cantar del temps…
Leon Cordas

Translation: Olive trees in the wind, song of the soul, race of time. Silver leaves bending under the heat of the day, almond fruit, peace and food for the coming year. Olive trees in the wind, destiny of the soul, song of time ...

Also push the doors of the Oulibo in Bize-Minervois to follow the guided tour of The Olive Odyssey.

The Masters of my Mill

As part of the rehabilitated windmill, the Masters of my mill guarantee you a pain and pâtisseries totally mastered: ancient varieties of organic cereals produced in the surroundings, ground on a stone millstone. You will find bread, cookies, pasta, cakes ... and for enthusiasts, the millers will welcome you in training if you desire it.

The truffle, the black diamond of Corbières and Minervois

The lands of Corbières and Minervois are also suitable for the cultivation of scams, the country's black diamond. You will be able to discover it during a truffle market in Talairan in winter or with our local. Do not miss to taste the famous scrambled truffle ! The Domaine des Cascades in Ribaute and the Paraza Castle also offer stay and activities around the truffle.

Visit our local boutiques

To find all the flavors of the country, visit our local products shops. You will find there delicious products for your table or your picnics, or the gift ideal for your loved ones and support local producers. To accompany these feasts, you will also find a careful selection of wines.

On the country's markets

The markets are also perfect for finding local products while having the pleasure of interacting directly with producers, farmers, market gardeners, or even breeders.