The Corbières and the Minervois are suitable for black truffles. It can be enjoyed in various ways but the most classic is the famous brouillade.

The country's black diamond

The truffle is nicknamed "The black diamond of the country". In Corbières Minervois, it is the tuber melanosporum also known as black truffle of Périgord. The digging season (harvest of truffles) for black truffles extends from december to february. It is found underground, by digging at the foot of mycorrhizal truffle oaks. Do not dig anywhere at the risk of compromising subsequent production! To locate the truffle, the caveur can be helped by his dog or a pig, or simply look to see if a very specific fly has flown under one of the oaks and then dig in the place from where it has. taken off. The digger then carefully digs with a metal tool until he sees the famous treasure. The dog (or the pig) is then generously rewarded for its find.

Séance de cavage

Truffle oaks are often planted by truffle growers. We can observe truffle fields between plots of vines or in the scrubland. There are many around Talaira, capital of truffles in Corbières where a famous truffle market twice in the winter. Perfect to get some! Truffle oaks are productive 5 to 8 years after they are planted. There are also truffles "in the wild" as they say here, at the foot of white oaks, holm oaks, kermes oaks or pedunculate oaks. When a tree is a truffle, it "marks", ie a white circle appears, without other plants, around its trunk. Be careful, the so-called "wild" truffles most often belong to someone, even if you have the impression of being lost in the middle of the scrubland, and cavers are very jealous of their precious oaks!

How to taste the truffle?

The fresh truffle can be tasted nature by cutting it into thin strips. Of fresh bread spread with butterFew slices of truffle, a little of Fleur de sel, it is happiness guaranteed!

It can also be grated, for example, on a chicken breast with crème fraîche and on a plate of tagliatelle ...

To know !

If ideally it is better to taste the black truffle when it is fresh, it can also be frozen for consumption later in the year. In this case, you have to grate it still frozen and integrate it into your preparation.

The recipe for truffle scramble

The truffle scramble is a great classic and allows reveal the flavors in a quick and easy preparation. Here is one of the many recipes, almost every family having their own!

truffes noires

Scrambled truffles:

Two days before, put eggs and semi-salted butter with a black truffle in a closed jar.

For 4 people, plan 8 eggs and 60 grams of semi-salted butter. In a saucepan with a thick bottom, put two thirds of the butter and the beaten eggs in an omelet. Pepper lightly. Put the saucepan in a double boiler over low heat. Cook, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until a smooth cream is obtained. Halfway through cooking, add 40 grams of grated truffle (or less depending on the taste of the eggs; the longer the eggs stay in the jar, the less truffle is needed, but the eggs must not stay more than four days in the jar). At the end of cooking, add the rest of the butter in small cubes. Brouillade is served in individual casseroles or as a crumble or on fresh or toasted country bread.

Borramescla de trufas

Dos jorns aperabans, botatz uòus e burre mitat-sal amb una trufa negra dins un bocal tampat.

Per four personas, your cal preveire 8 uòus e 60 grams of burre mitat-sal. Dins una caçairòla del cuol espés, botatz of tres parts doas del burre e los uòus batuts (çò que cal, mas pas mai) in meleta. Pebratz leugièrament. Botatz la caçairòla dins un banh-maria a fuòc doç. Fasètz cook by bringing from longa amb a culhièr of fine fusta to obtain an onchosa cream. A mitat-coseson, rajustatz 40 grams of trufa raspada (o mens segon lo gost dels uòus: mai los uòus demòran dins lo bocal barrat, mens se puts de trufas; mèfi: los uòus devon pas demorar mai de quatre jorns dins lo bocal) . At the end of coseson, adjustatz lo demai del burre in small pitchers. The borramescla is served in caçoletas individualas, o en crostadas, o sus de pan de campanha fresc or tostat.