During your stay, immerse yourself in the typical atmosphere of Corbières and Minervois, and experience a moment of meeting and gastronomic and cultural discovery.

Pentecost weekend

Prom'Aude in Lézignan-Corbières, the “Aude Al País” festival!

Promaude 2023

During the Pentecost weekend, from 26 to 29 May 2023, Prom'Aude allows discover local products, wines, as well as many musical and theatrical entertainment. It is the biggest showcase of Aude terroirs and know-how who in a festive and friendly atmosphere, honors all the riches of the department. On-site catering (taverns, food trucks…).
Contact : Prom'Aude, 06 83 53 57 31


Summer in Corbières

When the Corbières wine cellars offer musical evenings, tastings in the fields et operations visits. In each area has its own programming but always in a festive, convivial spirit and exchanges on trades and wine.
Contact : AOC Corbieres, 04 68 27 73 00


The Interco festival in Camplong d'Aude

Fête du boeuf et du pastoraliseme Bouisse Fête de la communauté CCRLCM

Every summer, the community of communes of the Lézignanaise, Corbières, Minervois Region organizes a large thematic festival in one of the villages of the territory. THE July 28, 2023, Camplong d'Aude, wine-growing village at the foot of Mount Alaric will in turn be the venue for this great annual celebration.

Convivencia, a sea scene

From Toulouse to Montpellier, a barge transformed into a sailing scene provides musical stops along the canal du midi. Of world music artists play on the deck of the barge. AT each stopover, a different program ! We can also share share a drink and eat in an atmosphere tavern warm and friendly.
Contact : Convivencia Festival, 05 62 19 06 06.


Corbières in celebration

Le July 31, 2023, go to republic course at Lezignan-Corbieres for Rmeet the AOC Corbières winegrowers, who have concocted a tasting red, rosé and white wines of their own, all in music, without forgetting the procession of Sainte-Suzanne.
Contact : AOC Corbieres, 04 68 27 73 00

July August

Cinema at the foot of the castles!

This summer, come and enjoy open-air cinema evenings with the castles of the Cathar Country in background !
Personalized local farmers markets also offering snacks take place just before sessions under the stars.

Thursdays at Maison Gibert in Lézignan-Corbières

See you on Thursdays, in the court of honor, during the months of July and August. A truly scene on which formations came from all walks of life come to perform in front of an ever-increasing audience. These Thursdays end with a convivial moment around tasting of local wines.
Contact : Gibert Space, 04 68 27 30 32


Festival Tastes in Minervois

It's here meeting of AOC Minervois wines and culinary creation : the tastes ! Two days that take place in a joyful atmosphere, in a high place of the land. Around three or four atmospheres (world cuisine, traditional cuisine, food truck ...) we can taste around thirty "creations" great cooks. We have mouth watering!
Contact : The Minervois, 04 68 27 80 00

On your calendars! the next festival of Tastes in Minervois will take place in September 2024.


The Fascinating Vineyards & Discoveries Weekend

Le Fascinating Vineyards & Discoveries weekend is a national event which is declined for our destination Great wines in Corbières, Minervois, Fitou. In the program: activities, walks, entertainment, farmers' markets, concerts and many other surprises around the world of wine and vines. This year it will take place du October 19 & 22, 2023.
More information on our agenda.

An animation with Carlos during the fascinating weekend 2020


Jazz in Conilhac-Corbières

Un unmissable event for Jazz lovers with big names on the national and international scene. For some unique encounters between artists, the public, wines and local products the concerts continue in the Jazz cellar.
Contact : Conilhac Jazz, 04 68 27 71 99

Jazz à Conilhac