LLagrasse is unavoidable during a stay in Corbières. Ranked among the Most Beautiful Villages of France » and “City and arts professions”. Its cobbled streets lead from the medieval halls towards the banks of the Orbieu, at the foot of its famous abbey.

Lagrasse, medieval gem

The road which leads to Lagrasse from Lézignan-Corbières offers changing landscapes. The vines gradually give way to the first reliefs of the Corbières. We go up the course of the Orbieu following the road which climbs a hill. Around a bend, the village reveals itself, medieval gem nestled in the hollow of the valley where the river crossed by a stone bridge connecting it to its majestic abbey.

Vue Lagrasse village rivière Abbaye Pont Vieux

In Lagrasse, we take our time

Lagrasse is discovered walk. THE medieval alleys lend themselves to wandering and we go from surprise to surprise. Theabbey and Medieval city but also 15 buildings are protected under Historical monuments. It should be emphasized that a signposted route allows the visitor to discover the riches of the village. Look for the signs indicating the path to follow.

Convenient !

  • Mandatory parking in one of the P1, P2 or P3 car parks at the entrance to Lagrasse.
  • Parking is paying from 10 a.m. to 00 p.m. : 0.70 € per hour or 4 € per day.
  • The P1 and P2 car parks have a charging station for electric car.
  • To come by public transport, meet on the site MESS and consult the information on the line 406.

The ideal way to discover Lagrasse is to call on Carlos, guide and lecturer but also inhabitant of the village!

For photo lovers, the setting is ideal! Since 1986, Lagrasse has also been ranked among the "Most beautiful villages in France". The numbers restaurants and cafes are also an invitation to enjoy the place serenely ...

Cafés and restaurants in Lagrasse

Saturday, it's market in the halls

Lagrasse is a lively and warm village as illustrated by the authentic Saturday morning market under the halls of the 14th century. The opportunity to shop for local products in a lively local atmosphere where the country's accent resonates.

Local produce shops and wine merchants also make it possible to delight gourmets. Visit for example Cyril Codina in his famous vinegar factory. It's hard not to fall for one of his tasty creations!

Arts and crafts in Lagrasse

Lagrasse is also famous for its shops et artisan workshops of art. Indeed, the medieval city of Lagrasse has been classified since 2004 "Cities and Crafts". Ceramics, leather goods, violin making, jewelry, sewing, stained glass… There is something for everyone! Ideal to have fun and bring back some remembrances that can be completed with local products to find in the shops of the village.

Bathing at the foot of the abbey

Your steps will lead you gently towards the banks of the Orbieu river. Summer a bathing area is located opposite the abbey. Perfect to refresh itself before going to visit it!

Swimming at the foot of the abbey

The Saint Jean lake

Visit of the Abbey of Lagrasse

Impossible to leave without having visited Lagrasse Abbey. It offers an exceptional set of buildings from the XNUMXth to the XNUMXth century, evoking the places and moments of monastic life: abbey palace, dormitories, bakery, cloister ... It is now divided into two parts: a public part belonging to the department of Aude and a private party, where a community of canons lives. It should be noted that the two sets can be visited separately.

Abbaye Lagrasse partie publique
Lagrasse Abbey

Good to know !

The Medieval Abbey of Lagrasse is part of the Arts de Lire cultural centre.

“The Medieval Abbey of Lagrasse – Arts of Reading Cultural Center” aims to identify the Abbey with the world of writing and the debate of ideas, while continuing the process of heritage enhancement of the monument.

In this lively place, for this reason, visitors will be able to discover the abbey palace, the upper chapel, the cellar, the north transept but also attend meeting and study activities around books, debate of ideas and the image.

A bar, a bookstore and a shop are also fully integrated into this space.

La Maison du Banquet et des Générations Lagrasse
The bookstore-the arts of reading and the literary café

The Heritage House

Another must-see in Lagrasse, The Heritage House presents in particular an exhibition dedicated to the Lagrassian architectural, ethnographic and artistic heritage. Former presbytery with painted coffered ceilings from the 13th to the beginning of the 16th century and an exhibition “Forgotten Images of the Middle Ages”. It also houses the Lagrasse tourist information office.

Maison du Patrimoine Lagrasse

And still lots of activities!

The surroundings are also conducive to hiking or cycling. In short, in other words, all the ingredients are there for a superb stay!

Randonnée Lagrasse Roc de la Cagalière
Walks and hikes in Lagrasse