Le Somail is a pretty hamlet crossed by the Canal du Midi. A stone bridge spans the cana, offering a charming setting that passers-by never tire of admiring. It also houses a famous old bookstore.

Le Somail, an essential stopover

In the hamlet of Somail, mythical stopover on the Canal du Midi, various buildings date from the construction of the canal by Pierre Paul Riquet in XNUMXth century : the nautoniers' chapel (boat driver) and travelers, the stone bridge, hostel building, warehouses and cooler (the only remaining cooler on the Canal).

La glacière du Somail
the somail cooler

To discover the history of Somail but also more broadly that of the Canal du Midi, the Robine and the junction canal, go to Maison Bonnal. The building houses the tourism office but also an interpretation space where we meet an extraordinary speaker: Mrs. Cradock's hologram, a XNUMXth century English traveler which passed through Somail.

Somail is also home to a famous old bookstore : Find it all from the book.

Several restaurants, such as The Auberge du Somail, cafes and ice cream parlors also offer a most pleasant break in this enchanting setting. The ice-cream restaurant The Nature Counter also offers the rental of small electric boats of 5 places. Children love it! All the ingredients are there to have a great time.