The Abbey of Fontfroide, a masterpiece of Cistercian art, is one of the major sites of the Cathar Country. In its green setting, the abbey welcomes visitors for a tour of its buildings, its cloister and its gardens.

Visit the Abbey of Fontfroide

Fontfroide Abbey, founded in 1093, is an exceptionally well preserved monastic city. It is located in the Corbières massif, near a torrent or “source of fresh water” (fons frigida) (Latin: fons frigida / Occitan: font freda), to which the abbey owes its name.
Masterpiece of Cistercian art, classified under Look out since 1862, it has kept its abbey church, its cloister, its XNUMXth century chapter house century, as well as lay brothers' buildings. In summer, visitors will be under the charm of the magnificent terraced gardens.

the cloister of the Abbey of Fontfroide

Note in your agenda!

In July and August, Fontfroide is also discover the night ! From 22 p.m., Fontfroide offers another dimension and opens its doors for a tour nocturne sound & light : an invitation to a magical and mysterious spectacle!
See you also at the beginning of October for the international orchid festival in Fontfroide. From all over the world, a dozen producers present rare plants to the attention of amateurs, collectors and professional experts.

At the abbey table

Before or after the visit, it is possible to eat on site, indoors or on the terrace, and to accompany your meal with Abbey wines.

The tasting cellar

The abbey invites you to discover its wines in its tasting and sales cellar in the old 19th century cellar.

Hiking in the Fontfroide massif

Le Fontfroide massif extends all around the abbey and well beyond. With her multitude of paths and paths that wind through this wild nature and the viewpoints that it offers from the heights, it is an ideal place for hike ou by mountain bike. Several routes are offered from the abbey ou surrounding villages. An itinerary to be carried out over several days also passes through the Abbey of Fontfroide: the GRP the Roman and Medieval Aude.


Before venturing into the Fontfroide massif, find out about the fire risk. It frequently happens that the massive be closed due to too high a risk in times of drought.

take enough water and what about you protect from the sun.

Hiking in the Fontfroide massif



The hermitage of Saint Jacques