Find here a selection of information related to health and tourism. For more details, we invite you to consult the official government website.

Health pass

Since August 9, 2021 (and until November 15), the health pass is compulsory for all leisure activities, visits to monuments and museums, performance halls and restaurants, restaurants and bars (including terraces), travel by intercity trains, TGV and high-speed trains. nights, interregional planes and coaches, from the first visitor / customer.

Consult the list of all the places where the sanitary pass is necessary.

Only operators of activities subject to the health pass are authorized to carry out checks. In this case, the operator must scan the QR code present on the paper or digital certificates of its customers using the application. AllAntiCovid Check.

The "health pass" will be compulsory for minors aged 12 to 17 as of September 30.

Questions about tourist accommodation

Are guest rooms affected by the health pass?

The Health Pass is not not required for rentals who do not offer than a hosting activity. health pass is however required from the 1st customer for rentals which offer a table d'hôtes as well as for those which offer common places and activities (common room, common indoor and outdoor dining areas, common kitchen, common swimming pool, common wellness area, etc.). The guest rooms thereby are concerned by the implementation and control of the health pass from the first customer.

For wine cellars

The usual access of customers to the tasting and sales cellar does not require a health pass. Events taking place in a cellar or wine estate, on the other hand, involve the control of the sanitary pass.

We invite you to consult regularly DNA Tourism Frequently Asked Questions, the National Federation of Institutional Tourism Organizations.

Aude, Serene holidays

We are signatories of the charter « Aude, Serene Holidays », set up by the Aude Tourist Development Agency. "Aude, Serene Holidays" Brand the commitment of Aude tourism professionals to offer qualified reception and services guaranteeing control of the risk associated with COVID-19.