The Corbières and the Minervois are lands favorable to the famous black truffle or Tuber melanosporum. From December to the end of February, the truffles are harvested and can be tasted in the restaurant or found in the truffle markets and at the producers.

Black truffle

The black truffle can be tasted in various ways. The easiest way is to cut it into thin strips and place it on buttered bread. We salt lightly and all you have to do is taste. A delight!

Another classic in terms of culinary preparation is the famous scramble. Among the other variations, why not simply grate a little truffle on a free-range chicken cutlet with cream or on eggs and fresh tagliatelle. A few grams will suffice to enhance your dishes.

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Where to find fresh black truffle?

De december to february, you will be able to find truffles during a truffle market in Talairan in winter. This is an event not to be missed! The truffles are scrupulously evaluated and controlled before launching the auction. If the price per kilogram of truffle is defined, other criteria come into play. Size, weight, smell, texture and color are the main criteria for judging the quality of a truffle. A very small notch is made to see if the inside of the mushroom is up to expectations. You have to know how to work together to leave with the most beautiful! The spectacle in itself is worth the trip. It is a warm and friendly moment and one of the great events of the winter season!

with our producers. Domaine des Cascades in Ribaute and the Paraza Castle also offer stay and activities around the truffle.

The truffle seen by our great chefs!

The gourmet restaurants often offer in season dishes where the truffle is in the spotlight. Great chefs know better than anyone how to sublimate it. The opportunity for an unforgettable meal to discover the country's black gold!


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