Distance: 62 km
Level: Difficult
Elevation: 1080 D +
Departure: FABREZAN
Fabrezan, Camplong-d'Aude-Ribaute-Lagrasse-Talairan-Saint-Laurent-de-la-Cabrerisse-Tournissan-Lagrasse-Ribaute-Fabrezan.

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IGN map reference (s): IGN 2446 East Ferrals les Corbières - blue series, IGN 2446 West Capendu


Step 1

Before leaving Fabrezan, take a little detour to admire the Notre-Dame-de-Consolation chapel which looks out over the wine-growing plain. Return to the village and take the direction of Ribaute and Lagrasse by the Véloroute (D212). Reach Ribaute where the Domaine des Cascasdes welcomes you. Continue towards Lagrasse following the majestic course of the Orbieu. When you arrive in Lagrasse, do not miss to visit its abbey, to walk its cobbled streets which will lead you to the covered markets and the Renaissance houses. The pleasure of discovery will also be gustatory with products from the Maison du Terroir, the 1900 Caveau Museum, or even the Rousse Mare. And if their heart tells you, why not go and cool off at the Saint-Jean lake (supervised in summer) before getting back in the saddle… Then take the road (D3) towards Saint-Pierre-des-Champs . At the second intersection, leave the véloroute by turning left and reach Talairan via the D23 then the D613 to discover the wines of the Terroirs du Vertige. Continue to Saint-Laurent-de-la-Cabrerisse where the Cellier des Demoiselles opens its doors to you. Then take the direction of Tournissan by the D3. Here, the Saint Roch chapel deserves a hook. You can also stop at Domaine Roux-Châteaux Pierre Guillaume. Come back to the D3 and take the direction of Lagrasse. To reach the village, you can take the pretty little road that runs along the left bank of the Orbieu. To do this, at the crossroads of the D3 and the D23, take the direction of Caunette-en-Val. After the bridge, go up a little then turn right (600 meters after the bridge). Once in Lagrasse, take the cycle route back to Ribaute then Fabrezan, where you can end your journey with a tasting at the Terre d'Expression cellar and a few purchases of Pays Cathare products with the flavors of Languedoc-Roussillon. These estates, cellars and shops labeled Pays Cathare and Qualité Sud France welcome you by reservation. During the tastings (free or paying), spittoons are at your disposal to be able to get back in the saddle without danger! Possibility of delivery. FABREZAN Terre d'Expression 04 68 43 61 18 Saveurs du Languedoc-Roussillon 04 68 43 56 13 RIBAUTE Domaine Les Cascades 06 88 21 84 99 LAGRASSE Domaine de la Jument Rousse 04 68 43 13 29 Musée Caveau le 1900 04 68 32 18 87 House du Terroir de Lagrasse 04 68 43 11 43 TALAIRAN Terroirs du Vertige 04 68 44 02 17 SAINT LAURENT DE LA CABRERISSE Cellier des Demoiselles 04 68 44 02 73 TOURNISSAN Domaine Roux-Château Pierre Guillaume 04 68 44 06 91 Where to eat, have a drink ? (Country Plates and Cafés) LAGRASSE La petite maison, Assiette de Pays restaurant 04 68 91 34 09 Le Café Littéraire, Café de Pays, 04 68 32 63 89 SAINT LAURENT DE LA CABRERISSE La Maison Gourmande, Restaurant Assiette de Pays, 04 68 70 44 21 TOURNISSAN La Taverne Vigneronne - Domaine Roux, Restaurant Assiette de Pays (Cathar Country) 04 68 44 06 91

Be careful, the fire risk is often high, especially in summer, and can lead to flower bed closures. Find out before you go consulting the fire risk map for outdoor activities.
Fires strictly prohibited. Do not smoke and never throw cigarette butts in nature. Fires are numerous and catastrophic in our region. In the event of a fire or accident: give alert 18 or 112 from a cell phone.
Protect yourself from the sun and take enough water with you.
Avoid picking flowers and plants. Take all your trash. Close fences and keep dogs on a leash in pasture areas, villages and protected areas.

Mountain bike routes: the routes are often shared with hikers or other users (cars, tractors, etc.). Be careful and always anticipate that a pedestrian may be present around a bend to have time to brake if necessary. Pedestrians have priority in principle, slow down at crossings or stop if the configuration of the terrain requires you to do so.
Thank you and happy hiking!


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