Distance: 21,2 km
Duration (average) : 02.05 p.m
Level: Difficult
Elevation: 867 D +
Departure: LAROQUE DE FA
MTB Black
Following the GR 36, climb in the woods towards Milobre de Massac. At the top (908 m) 360 ° view from the Mediterranean to the Pyrenees and the Montagne Noire. The descent takes place through the woods then along the pastures to the starting point. Circuit n ° 22 of the MTB site - FFC n ° 198

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IGN map reference (s): IGN 2447 West Tuchan


Step 1

Leave the car park by the D613, towards the village. Go past the access to the D1610 on the left, in the direction of Massac, to turn 75m later on the left in the direction of Borde Grande on the GR36 / GR36A link route. Leave the D8010, access road to the property on your right and continue straight on the track, marked GR36. Pass the large Pas de Fious bend, then at the entrance to another bend, leave the access to the Carcassès property on the right and continue straight on the GR, along the stream (meadow). Go up the GR in the national forest of l'Orme Mort.

Step 2

At the intersection, turn right. At a place called Col de l'Orme Mort (large grass clearance and crossroads), leave the GR36 which goes towards Cédeillan to follow the neighboring parallel path, on your right. We enter the valley of Esteille.

Step 3

The path leads to a crossroads of tracks. Go opposite and climb to the end of the track: Milobre de Massac (360 ° view, Pyrenees and Canigou, Mediterranean, Corbières, Narbonnais, Montagne Noire, Bugarach… are part of the panorama to contemplate).  The summit lawns being an environment rich in protected species, we recommend that you do not leave the track.

Step 4

For the return, you can choose a sporty option: descend a little (about 160m) on the track, and take in the wood, below on the left, the path (single) (! Steep slope) to the small refuge. Then continue on the track to the left.

Step 5

To continue the route, (quieter option), stay on the track until the 1st crossroads and turn left. Pass in front of the small refuge about 630m later. Continue the route. Go around the Sarrat des Taupignès.

Step 6

At the first intersection, cross the track and continue on the path opposite. He leads back to the Col de l'Orme Mort. Take the GR36 again, towards Laroque for 450m.

Step 7

Leave it to follow a track to the right. A sharp bend signals the Col de l'Après (733m). Continue down the track to find the GR 36 below. Then turn right in the direction of Laroque de Fa, by the same route as on the outward journey.

Please note, the fire risk is currently high and may lead to the closures of flowerbeds. Find out before you go to consulting the fire risk map for outdoor activities.
Fires strictly prohibited.
Do not smoke or throw cigarette ends into the environment. Fires are numerous and catastrophic in our region.
In case of fire or accident: give alert 18 or 112 from a cell phone.
Protect yourself from the sun and take enough water with you.
Avoid picking flowers and plants. Take away all your waste.
Close fences and keep dogs on a leash in pasture areas, villages and protected areas. Thank you and have a good walk!


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