Distance: 29 km
Duration (average) : 03h15
Level: Easy
Elevation: 296 D +
Departure: HOMPS
Blue MTB
Departure from the port. Crosses the villages of Homps, Tourouzelle, Castelnau d'Aude and Escales. Succession of small roads, paths and paths in the pine forests, along the Aude and in the vineyards. Varied circuit between plain and scrubland. This route allows you to discover the Minervois. From the heights of Tourouzelle (pine forest of Baden, hiking trails), you can observe the foothills of the Montagne Noire where the Minervois vineyards flourish in curves. By returning to Homps by the banks of Aude, you can cool off in the water of Lac de Jouarres. Circuit 10 Espace VTT-FFC To see: Homps: the cellar, also harbor master's office; the Jouarres Lake. Tourouzelle: the old village, the dry stone constructions (Baden pine forest). Castelnau: machicolated door, ruins of the castle. Stopovers: fortified tower. Wineries Viewpoints: Baden pine forest (cistern): view of the Montagne Noire. Between Castelnau and Escales, view of the Montbrun wind turbines.

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IGN map reference (s): IGN 2445 East Lézignan-Cres, IGN 2445 West Peyriac Minervois


Step 1

Leave Homps via rue des Chevaliers, place Jean Moulin, rue de la République and rue des moulins. (1) Arriving at the D610 take the Chemin du Moulin opposite and continue towards the D611, (2) cross the bridge over the Aude and turn right onto the Tourouzelle road (D65) and 100 m after the junction (3) turn right after the Tuilerie property. The path runs along the Aude. The soil is sometimes red, revealing the presence of clay. Approaching Tourouzelle, outcrops of limestone rocks abound. (4) Arrival in Tourouzelle via rue des Moulins. Take avenue de Castelnau going up towards the village, then avenue de Lézignan and finally the small paved road on the right going up towards the pine forest of Baden (common route with the footpath). Many points of view on the plain and its villages decorate this climb towards Baden. (5) At the pass (cistern), take the track to the right and thus cross the pine forest. We find the D65 at the level of an ordeal. (6) Take the road to the left for 300 m then (7) turn right on the small road (common route with the footpath) which becomes a path, joining a grove of holm oaks. Do not forget to turn right on a small stony path which widens down towards l'Horte. (8) Continue to the left on the small asphalt road which goes right towards Paradise. We then leave the footpath to the right, to continue straight (1,250 km from l'Horte). The path joins the D 527. The Gaudière electrical plant is in front of us. (9) Take the D 527 to the right for 500 m then (10) turn left on the small asphalt road. We thus bypass the imposing mass of the factory. A crossroads of 4 roads appears, continue straight ahead. The road soon runs along the Aude. (11) Turn left on a very straight vineyard path which avoids a portion of the road. At the road, turn left and 120 m after the bridge, again to the left. Ascent to the village of Castelnau. Turn right, after the first houses of the subdivision, uphill towards the street “Derrière la Ville”. Go down the Calado de Périlhou towards the Carrefour Occitan and take the opposite direction towards the stadium, then towards the cemetery and (12) immediately after, on the left. The road climbs towards the pine forest of the grove. Arriving at the top of the climb, the road becomes a path, continue straight ahead and take a path overlooking a vineyard, initially ravine then stony. (13) At the crossroads, turn left. The path is still stony. We can see the Montbrun wind turbines on the right. At the top of a climb we find the tar and we arrive at Escales by the rue du Laouza. Take the avenue Bernard de Scalis to the left, pass in front of the town hall then the church and continue by the Tourouzelle road that you soon leave for that of (14) Sérame. This small road goes straight between 2 rows of plane trees and allows you to glimpse wealthy wine estates: Borde Neuve, La Bastide, St François in the distance. (15) After the domain of La Bastide (1 km 500 after) turn left on the small road which climbs towards Baden. The plain is dotted with many “Cabanots” of vines.

Be careful, the fire risk is often high, especially in summer, and can lead to flower bed closures. Find out before you go consulting the fire risk map for outdoor activities.
Fires strictly prohibited. Do not smoke and never throw cigarette butts in nature. Fires are numerous and catastrophic in our region. In the event of a fire or accident: give alert 18 or 112 from a cell phone.
Protect yourself from the sun and take enough water with you.
Avoid picking flowers and plants. Take all your trash. Close fences and keep dogs on a leash in pasture areas, villages and protected areas.

Mountain bike routes: the routes are often shared with hikers or other users (cars, tractors, etc.). Be careful and always anticipate that a pedestrian may be present around a bend to have time to brake if necessary. Pedestrians have priority in principle, slow down at crossings or stop if the configuration of the terrain requires you to do so.
Thank you and happy hiking!


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