Distance: 6,9 km
Duration (average) : 02h30
Level: Medium
Elevation: 301 D +
Departure: LANET
Yellow PR
Domain of magpies or kingdom of jays, you will go from one to the other, in their chatty company from the arid plateaus to the forest, from stories of the past to legends. The stele showing the start of the loop is located at the intersection of the D212 and avenue de la Condamine, but the start is more practical from the church if you are driving (parking spaces). Common route for the loop of the same name from Salza. > The numbered cairns refer to the “Les petits vadrouilles” booklets which evoke different themes (material and natural heritage, local stories and legends, etc.). They are available at Pom's multiservice points as well as at Termes and Villerouge-Termenès châteaux.


Your itinerary


IGN map reference (s): IGN 2447 West


Step 1

At the crossroads between the D212 and avenue de la Condamine (starting stele), go up to the left by the road. At the cross of rogations (cairn 4), turn left, pass in front of the church, cross the ford, then climb the old path from Lanet to Salza. Enter the forest (which is gaining ground on the old fields, (cairn 5). Ignore the path on the left.

Step 2

Take the uphill road to the right in the oaks (cairn 6). Pass the farm and continue along the path that crosses the "green cut" (clearing area maintained by livestock, (cairn 7) then the Salza plateau (herds of Aubrac cows, (cairn 8). After the cross of rogations ( cairn 9), go to Salza (cairn 10).

Step 3

Pass the small square (formerly used as a threshing floor, (cairn 1 and 2) near the church. Go down to the left by the road bordered by gardens (where the famous Salza turnips were grown (cairn 3). from the village, continue by the road to the right (west).

Step 4

Take the path on the left (view of the Orbieu gorges (cairn 4). It crosses the agricultural plateau (cairn 5).

Step 5

Go down the path to the left in the woods (kingdom of wild boars, (cairn 6). The variety of trees diversifies (cairns 7 and 8) then the path widens.

Step 6

On the shoulder, in the curve, go down the path to the left. He comes out of the woods (cairn 9) and turns left. Take the D 212 on the left to join Lanet.

Step 7

About 400m further on, a path on the right gives access to Moulin Neuf, on the banks of the Orbieu (cairn 1); (around the 2th century castle - (cairn 3) - the village of Lanet is organized, whose name comes from the word "wool", (cairn 1)), (round trip about 212 kilometer). After having made this round trip, continue on the DXNUMX to reach the starting stele.

Be careful, the fire risk is often high, especially in summer, and can lead to flower bed closures. Find out before you go consulting the fire risk map for outdoor activities.
Fires strictly prohibited. Do not smoke and never throw cigarette butts in nature. Fires are numerous and catastrophic in our region. In the event of a fire or accident: give alert 18 or 112 from a cell phone.
Protect yourself from the sun and take enough water with you.
Avoid picking flowers and plants. Take all your trash. Close fences and keep dogs on a leash in pasture areas, villages and protected areas.

Mountain bike routes: the routes are often shared with hikers or other users (cars, tractors, etc.). Be careful and always anticipate that a pedestrian may be present around a bend to have time to brake if necessary. Pedestrians have priority in principle, slow down at crossings or stop if the configuration of the terrain requires you to do so.
Thank you and happy hiking!


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