Autumn adorned the vines and trees of Corbières and Minervois with its golden colors. The opportunity for a nice walk to admire nature before it falls asleep for the winter ...

When the vines are colored

In the middle of October, when the harvest is over, the vines gradually change color. Depending on the different grape varieties, the leaves are adorned with various colors, ranging from yellow-green to dark red, forming a rich palette of warm tones.

At the bend of the paths, a few strawberry trees complete the picture with their red or orange fruits, pretty little balls hanging in the middle of the bright green foliage. These fruits, called arbutus, are edible. Some eat them as they are or make jam or jelly out of them.

Stroll among the vines

The ideal way to immerse yourself in these landscapes is to go walk between mid-October and mid-November, on foot or by bike. here is a selection of signposted routes to take advantage of these beautiful fall colors.

Autumn in the Hautes-Corbières

In the Hautes-Corbières, hardwoods that are adorned with their finery when fall is here. To admire them, you can go hiking on the side ofAlbieres or Lanet for example.

Landscape around albières


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