Gaining height always offers a nice reward to the walker. At the end of the ascent, the gaze is on the hilly landscapes, often as far as the Pyrenees mountains or the Mediterranean sea. Here is a selection of some viewpoints in Corbières Minervois.

1. Between Corbières and Minervois, the Rocher du Renard.

Departing from Montbrun-des-Corbières, the marked "easy" hike from Fox Rock drives over a rocky ridge. The limestone cornice (the famous "Rocher du Renard") dominates the entire plain of the Aude to Mont Alaric which bars the horizon. Continuing west, the path offers a breathtaking view of the Minervois plain and the Montagne Noire.

Point de vue vers Montbrun-des-Corbières
Viewpoint over the Minervois plain and the black mountain in the background
to access the point of view

the fox rock hike

2. La Bouisse in Montséret

A Montseret, the easy hike "The Land of Mabile » leads to the ruins of Bouisse castle on the hill of the same name. A few interpretation panels enlighten the curious on the past of this site. It also offers a superb view of the Corbières and Mont Saint-Victor.

La Bouisse Montséret
To access the viewpoint

The Pays de Mabile hike

3. Mount Alaric and Roc de l'Aigle

Le Mount Alaric is an ideal promontory to have a breathtaking panorama on the surroundings. On a clear day, you can even see the sea. Congoust gorges, a few kilometers from Camplong-d'Aude and Holliday, GR36 provides access to the ruins of priory of Saint Michael of Nahuze then the Roc de l'Aigle which dominates the plain. The most motivated can continue until the lookout which culminates at 600 meters of altitude, before returning by the same path as to go. On the way back, it is another glance which is offered to the walker. A great outing in perspective with a great reward at stake !

Le Roc de l'Aigle Alaric
view from the rock of the eagle on the alaric

How to get to the Roc de l'Aigle? :

To access the Roc de l'Aigle from the Gorges du Congoust, follow the GR36 (red and white markings). You will return to the starting point by the same route.

  • Red and white markings (GR 36).
  • Duration: 3h30 round trip, without the breaks.
  • Distance: 4.9 km (round trip, the rock of the eagle is therefore located about 2.5 km from the gorges of Congoust by the GR36).
  • Positive elevation 320 meters, negative difference in altitude 320 meters.
  • Be careful, there is almost no shade on the course, provide water and hat / cap. Not to be undertaken on windy days because the Alaric is very exposed. On the way back, be careful on the way down because the limestone can roll under your feet.
  • To go from the Roc de l'Aigle to the lookout, you have to add 30 minutes one way and 80 meters of vertical drop, so a total of 4h30, D + 400 m.

4. The rock of Cagalière in Lagrasse

Le Cagaliere Rock offers splendid point of view on Lagrasse, are abbey but also on the wild mountains of Hautes Corbieres et the Orbieu valley. To access it, you must follow the marked hike "Charlemagne's foot". The Roc de la Cagalière is located 1,2 km from the starting point of the hike (elevation gain 130 meters). You can either continue this one, or return to Lagrasse by the same path.

La Notre-Dame-du-Carla hike also offers pretty views of the surroundings.

Warning ! There is no barrier or guardrail at the Roc de la Cagalière and the rock presents flaws that we can step over. Be very vigilant! Avoid going with children or keep them under close supervision.

To access the viewpoint

hiking around Lagrasse

5. The castles of Peyrepertuse and Quéribus

Perched on a rocky ridge, overlooking the Verdouble valley, the Peyrepertuse Castle is ideal for combining cultural visit et walk with panoramic view. On a clear day, you can see the Mediterranean Sea from the remains. His neighbour Quéribus also offers from its rocky outcrop a superb panorama on the surroundings, reward for the ascent of its stone stairs. Two essential visits in Corbières!

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