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Le cade tricentenaire, visible sur le parcours, a obtenu le 1er prix du concours "L'arbre de l'Aude".

Descriptif détaillé :

In front of the Town Hall, walk towards the D40. Cross it (1) and take the chemin du Moulin de la Cascade just on the other side. This road is situated between an olive-tree plantation on the right and the ravine of the Pinède (pine wood) on the left. Continue straight ahead. Close to the first limestone rocks, the road becomes a footpath which will quickly lead you to the waterfall (dry in summer) and the ‘Moulin d’en Crabié’, which once used the streaming water as its driving force. Several artefacts are still on the site to prove it: the millstone and its basis which descends into the mill race. (2) The path is situated above the mill where a head race, used to sidetrack the water towards the mill, can still be found. The power of the water flow coming from the waterfall thus made it possible for the millstone to grind.
Follow the path uphill. You have some beautiful views on Durban and its castle. Next, you’ll take a path going down to the right.
(3) At the ford, the spring and its salutary coolness are worth the short detour. Follow the path. Just a little further on, a notice board informs you of the presence of a three-hundred year old cade juniper. A short roundtrip will allow you to go and admire this old tree. Come back to the path. (4) Cross the D40 and continue your hike by taking the track on the other side. Follow this for a bit, then, after the bend, take the path going uphill to the left (5). Eventually, you’ll leave the path and follow a narrow footpath to the right, leading into the garrigue (6). This path soon will start going downhill and join the track a bit further below once again. You’ll walk along the pine trees of Roque en Bac and continue again on the track. When you arrive in the housing development, turn left. Walk by the swimming pool. Head back to the town hall.

N° d'urgence depuis un portable : 112

PRECONISATIONS : Aller sur le document “prévention des risques météo”, cette carte est mise à jour quotidiennement et indique le risque météorologique d’incendies de forêts et les Mesures de Prudence.
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Ne fumez pas, en aucun cas n'allumez de feu. Respectons notre patrimoine naturel. Ne laissez pas de détritus derrière vous.

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