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Devotions and pilgrimages

In the Corbières Minervois region, the long periods of solitude and the rude climate have led men to look for support and strength from the Christian saints. So don’t be surprised to come across some wayside crosses, small oratories or chapels while you are hiking. These may seem to be there in the middle of nowhere, lost, and filled with legends...
In this manner, the robust Romanesque silhouette of the Notre-Dame-du-Colombier chapel will tell you the tale of the sons of the seigneur of Montbrun-des-Corbières, who were celebrating on Easter Eve. They were very drunk and unleashed their dogs on a pilgrim who seemed keen on meeting them. When they had sobered up, they realized that the man in question was their father, who had returned from the Holy Crusades. In expiation of their crime, they built a chapel and dedicated it to “our Lady of the dovecote”, in memory of the dove which had landed on their father’s mortal remains.
We suggest you go uphill and visit Notre-Dame-de-la-Récaoufa, situated on the territory of Villeneuve-les-Corbières. On an ancient site where a modern-day Virgin Mary used to be worshipped, a small oratory can be found which was restored in the 20th Century.
“A desert, at the top of a hill” – that is what friar Jacques was looking for when he settled at the highest point of the Roquelongue, on an ancient medieval site. The spot ended up being named after him: l’ermitage Saint-Jacques (the Saint-Jacques hermitage).

As others have experienced before you, the Corbières Minervois region invites you to some moments of contemplation and meditation...