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Itineray type : Foot

Descriptif détaillé :

Walk up towards the ramparts of the castle, first turn right, then left following the path of the ramparts. Follow the chemin du Château. Walk along the castle wall right up till the end. (1) Go down the slope, walk between two vineyards then start climbing uphill on the paved path lined first with holm oaks, then with pine trees.
The rest of the hike takes place in the pine wood.
We invite you to really pay attention to the markers, because your itinerary is made up of a number of smaller shady paths or trails cutting across broader tracks. (2) Cross the track and take the path straight ahead, uphill, surrounded by pine trees and shrubs. (3) When you arrive at the next track, turn right and walk uphill to a copse of cork oak trees (4), which survived the fire of 1999.
The track then takes a left bend. Pass the iron fence and, 20 m further on, turn right on a path (gully) going down all the way to the Saint-Siméon chapel (5).
Turn right following the path uphill until you reach the first real bend to the right. Go straight ahead, following the path overlooking the plain, Saint-André-de-Roquelongue, the Château des Ollieux, Montséret and the Fontfroide massif. Halfway up, leave this path and take another one on the right which goes uphill then down again towards the “Ravin de la Coumbo Naurus” trail. (6) Follow the path straight ahead. After a few meters, a short round trip into the ravine will allow you to visit one of many lime kilns (7) to be found around here. At the next bend, still in the ravine, a barrage which is functional in case of the swelling of the stream can be observed. You’ll also have a nice view on the Lézignan plain. A bit further on, do not take the path going up on your left, but continue straight ahead. At the end of the first bend, go down on the path (8) which descends between the pine trees, along a rocky ridge. You’ll then arrive on the trail, in front of an abandoned sheep barn built in Boutenac sandstone.
Turn right and follow the path going down.
After a few meters you’ll go down into the Garouille ravine (9) on your left, continue along a low dry-stone wall and go up again straight ahead until you reach a track.
Continue straight ahead along the vineyards, plots of fallow land, former gardens all lined with dry-stone walls.
Continue your descent towards the village. A final path (10) lined with holm oak trees, between the vineyards and plots of fallow land (gullies) will take you to the chemin de la Pinède.
Cross the village and take the rue de la Fontaine to go back to the washtub.

N° d'urgence depuis un portable : 112

PRECONISATIONS : Aller sur le document “prévention des risques météo”, cette carte est mise à jour quotidiennement et indique le risque météorologique d’incendies de forêts et les Mesures de Prudence.
Suivre le lien : www.aude.gouv.fr/carte-des-previsions-du-niveau-d-risque-feu-de-a9152.html

Ne fumez pas, en aucun cas n'allumez de feu. Respectons notre patrimoine naturel. Ne laissez pas de détritus derrière vous.

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